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Western Carolina University serves a deeply important mission as the westernmost campus of the UNC system. Continued access to high quality, affordable education that is responsive to regional needs is essential to continued economic growth in Western North Carolina. The Catamount Advocate, an initiative of WCU’s Office of External Affairs, sets out to provide WCU supporters with the tools, information and opportunities they need to help share the story of Western Carolina’s mission with elected officials, the media, and more. Explore this site to learn more about WCU’s ongoing impact in Western North Carolina and across the state, and please consider becoming an advocate for Western Carolina University!

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NC Promise and its Impact on WCU

This week, the North Carolina Legislature is expected to pass its budget plan, which includes the introduction of a new program called NC Promise, which will have a significant and lasting impact on WCU and the students we serve. Beginning in 2018, the state of North Carolina will "buy down” tuition at three UNC system campuses including Western Carolina, resulting in a drop in tuition paid by students. In-state students will pay $500 per semester for tuition rather than the nearly $2,000 they pay today. Out of state tuition will drop from over $7,000 to $2,500. The change is a significant one, particularly for students who depend on student loans to pay for college and leave burdened with debt.

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NC Promise was originally part of Senate Bill 873. You can view our previous university statements in regards to 873 here.

Update 5/13 (pdf) Update 5/19 (pdf) Update 5/30 (pdf) Update 6/6 Update 6/28

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