Tuition and Fees Committee

This committee is empowered to act under UNC-GA policy 1000.1.1 and the recommendations of the 2010-11 UNC Task Force on Tuition and Fees. Its purpose is to review tuition and fee increase proposals, actively solicit student input on these proposals, make recommendations to the Chancellor, and certify student involvement in the process.


The membership of the Tuition and Fees Committee is appointed by the Chancellor.  UNC Policy dictates some members and student members were recommended by the SGA President to the Chancellor.

Sam Miller, Co-Chair Student Affairs
Baron Crawford, Co-Chair Student Government Association
Kaderus Bailey Student Government Association
Nancy Brendell Ex-Officio
Kacey Davis Student Government Association
David Dorondo Faculty Member
Brian Gatti Student-At-Large
Ann Green Staff Member
Greg Hodges Administration & Finance
Trina Orr Financial Aid
Kani Totten Student Government Association
Lindsay Wells Graduate Student Association
Office of Web Services