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Japanese Program

Japanese Class


WCU offers courses in Japanese language and culture, from beginning to advanced levels. These courses are all taught in a multimedia environment, making the most of the technology that WCU has at its disposal, such as Wikis, Blogs, iTunes University, and many other exciting ways to connect to the language. The ISUD in Japanese Studies (equivalent to major: ISUD = Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Degree) and JPNS Minor are available for those students who really want to engage with this fascinating culture.

The ultimate goals of the Japanese program are to help students acquire

  1. Broader socio-cultural knowledge about Japan from insider and outsider perspectives
  2. Necessary skills needed after graduation to have the potential to be globally marketable citizens with language and cultural responsiveness such as strong intercultural awareness, intellectual growth, and critical thinking skills

To achieve the goal, we adopted integrated approaches based on the 5Cs (Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) by ACTFL (American Councils on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) for the continuing coordination of language, content courses, and extracurricular activities in order to deepen the students’ academic understanding. We consider the Japanese program as a whole, to impart knowledge but also acknowledge, analyze, and resolve complex student questions and issues generated during the course of study. In sum, we firmly believe that fulfillment of the objectives above will contribute to the further development of WCU according to The Strategic Plan 2020 Vision: Focusing Our Future.

For more detailed information about our program, please contact Japanese Studies Coordinator,  Yumiko Ono.

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