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Arts & Entrepreneurship Certificate


"Business Tips for Creatives" taught by Jen Swearington of Jenny Threads.

"Business Tips for Creatives" taught by Jen Swearington of Jenny Threads

The Undergraduate Certificate in Arts & Entrepreneurship addresses the principles of managing your arts career through an entrepreneurial lens. This program is designed for students wishing to increase their knowledge of entrepreneurial practices.


Arts & Entrepreneurship Course of Study Information Sheet


Arts & Entrepreneurship Course Descriptions

This course explores the theories, knowledge bases, processes, and practices foundational to an entrepreneurial approach to art making and art management. Students explore and shape innovative creative ideas, learn how to develop and mold them into feasible forms, and then build both linear and nonlinear business plans for their Creative Placemaking projects and enterprises. [3 Credit Course.]

An introduction to personal financial planning including goal setting, cash management, credit, insurance, housing, educational planning and financial institutions and markets. [3 Credit Course.]

Planning and executing the creation of a successful entrepreneurial venture. [3 Credit Course]

Over the academic year, three to six guest lecturers will be brought to campus to present workshops/master classes on various Arts and Entrepreneurship topics. These master classes/workshops would consist of 15 contact hours, be assigned 1 hour of academic credit, and focus on applied learning. These sessions could be scheduled in a variety of ways, from one weekend to several evenings or over several weeks. Each session could have an online preparation component where students study any relevant materials that the guest lecturer deems important to the experience. Each student participates in the complete master class/workshop. Students would be required to complete a minimum of six of these Arts and Entrepreneurship experiences before graduation to satisfy the course requirements, however students would be allowed to participate in as many of these experiences as they desire provided they register for them. Multiple master classes/workshops would be offered each semester to allow for student conflicts with their unit-based creative work and studies. [Each Intensive is 1 Credit. 6 Credits required]

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